Long Time no Blog Post

What can I say, I’m not the best when it comes to keeping up my promises to blog on a regular basis. Even when I tell myself I am going to start again, its hard to get back into the swing of blogging. 

So, I’ll start with a quote from the book I am currently reading. My mom gave it to me for Christmas of 2009, yes forever ago it seems and it took me this long to start to read it. Maybe it was meant to be that I waited this long, who really knows. I am enjoying it now and that is all that matters really. 

It is called Fit Soul Fit Body, the story of how Brant Secuda (Huichol Shaman and Healer) helped Mark Allen (a six time Ironman and triathlon champion) achieve his ultimate potential. I figured it couldn’t hurt to start reading it and see what I thought. 

My favorite part so far is just from chapter 1, why not get back into blogging with a paragraph from the book.

“Your soul is the sum of all you have experienced in life as well as your perception of those experiences, both good and bad. It’s the joy and the sadness, the happiness and the pain. It’s the place of peace that can experience the world as a wonder and your life as a magical event going on in it. Your soul is the resolve that gets you through tough times and forgives you when you cannot.”


One thought on “Long Time no Blog Post

  1. Christopher Dorland

    Annie – I enjoy reading your blogs and hope training is going well for you. I’m a long time bobsled fan and a recent skeleton fan.

    I still need to finish Holcombs book I started earkier this year. My wife is just the opposite , she can read several books in a week!

    I appreciate all the effort and hardships that you go through to achieve being the best! If you inspire one one other person to be half as great as you are or can be then you have done what many cannot do in a lifetime.

    Looking forward to more blogs!

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