Love, family

Strawberry picking with Kaitlin.
Strawberry picking with Kaitlin.

May God give you…

For every storm a rainbow, for every tear a smile,

for every care a promise, and a blessing in each trial.

For every problem life sends, a faithful friend to share,

for every sigh a sweet song, and an answer for each prayer.

Ziplining in NH with Mom and Erin
Zip lining in NH with Mom and Erin


My $5 fund…

I thought I would give everyone a little insight on “My $5 fund” all of my coworkers have been asking me how my fund is

Sunset at the beach while having dinner at Guppies in FL. Mom and me!doing lately so I figured why not share a little of my oddness with everyone else. 

doing lately so I figured why not share a little of my oddness with everyone else.

A little background about “the fund;” a few years ago my Aunt sent me this article along with a $5 bill. The article was about a woman who wanted to take her family on vacation she decided to save up every $5bill until she had enough to afford a week vacation for her family of five. It took her about a year to take them on a week vacation to the beach.

It became just a little something for me to do, work on saving money and not spending any of it, and before I knew it when we had cash tips at work my coworkers always handed me the $5’s because they knew I would put them in “my fund.” It has gotten to the point that if I am out and want a coffee I have to look in my wallet first and if I only have 5’s I won’t buy anything. I make it a point to not spend any of them, instead I put them in the bank (the bank tellers must think I’m nuts always giving them $5 bills).

Need some more recent family pictures I suppose, this is from 2010!

But who cares, I have a purpose for this fund. It was originally going to be my vacation fund for who knows when, then it changed to how long can I really save all of these $5’s. Until maybe sometime this past winter when I wanted my mom to come to Europe and visit, but we had World’s in Lake Placid and that was the big goal. All of this made me realize that our trip to Russia as a family in 18 months is going to be an expensive one. That is when my $5 fund finally had an official purpose, it has become the Russia 2014 Olympic fund.

I will continue to go out of my way to not spend a single $5 bill, to see how many I end up with come February 2014. I had the sweetest customers at work a few weeks ago. They asked what I did and I told them my whole skeleton story. Their first question after how crazy are you was; is your mother going to be able to go to Russia with you. I began to tell them about my $5 fund (they are the first customers I ever told this story to), I explained that everyone is coming to Russia no if ands or buts. They were so kind and went into their wallet and took out a $5bill just for my fund.

Florida vacation before heading back to LP for training, Aunt Susan, Mom, Uncle Jimmy and me.

Maybe I am feeling extra Olympic because opening ceremonies are tomorrow and I don’t have work so I can stay home and watch which I am so excited for. For the Vancouver opening ceremonies in 2010 I had to work, so my roommate/teammate Rachelle and I decided we needed to record them. The DVR in the athlete lounge was full so we went out and bought a VHS tape just to record them! She watched while I was at work and when I came home we watched them on our VHS tape. It didn’t occur to us until long after that we probably could have just found them online and watch later as well. Taping it ourselves was more fun! Just excited I get to watch tomorrow.

Just wanted to share a little bit with everyone while it was on my mind. But, seriously if you have anything to save up for this is a great way to do it. Might take a little long but I feel more dedicated to my cause this way!